Habing a company in Central European states – opportunities and difficulties

Habing a organisation in one of the Central European countries gives us some possibilities, but also a few problems. In general this localisation is interesting area to have a business.

industrial park

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If we look at states from Poland to Hungary we will see quite a lot similarities in this area. Firstly, this countries have got good and well-educated white-collar workers and they are not that expensive as in Western European countries, what’s more the organisation of the legal system is much more efficient than in regions of Central and South Asia. States such as Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia have a very good roads and logistic background. In the Republic of Poland quality of the streets is not that good, however it has improved for the last 10 years, but the industrial park in Poland is quite large. Warehouses in Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia are available (for example – apartments for rent in poland), in Hungary we can have some difficulties if we like to rent a big place.

The Southern job (see worth reading) states have a fine climate, however in Poland it depends of the season of the year. Today we have very warm summers, but not very cold winters, so logistic go without problems, nevertheless bad weather may happen in January or February (sometimes even in April or May) will be cold, specially in Poland. It is a nice idea to buy winter tires, even if we have them only as a protectiokn. Industrial park in Poland is quite large, but it needs investments and innovations, there is constantly many things to do in these case, in other states that situation seems to be better.

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The general problem is the unstable political atmosphere in Hungary and Poland and the problems on boarders with Russian Federation and Ukraine. The Eastern European countries constantly have got a great influence on the economic situation in this area. Nevertheless companies with its logistic, accounting systems, warehouses in Poland, and other Central European countries have a giant field to growing up and extension.

hi-tec in Poland

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It is a brilliant opportunity to start a firm in Central Europe, however it is connected with some risk. It is nice to have a social background in the Western European states or in the US.

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