“Emergency” snacks for different situations

You chill out at home and suddenly hear a ring at the door-bell. You are a little surprised as you don’t expect anybody. You open the door and you see colleagues that apparently decided to pay you an unexpected visit. You haven’t seen your friends for a while so you are glad they are here. On the other hand, you badly try to think of something you can treat your visitors with. You are convinced you don’t possess all ingredients to cook something nice to eat now.

And what is even more relevant – you don’t have much time as they are already here. ObviouslyDefinitely, they cannot expect you to be ready for an unexpected visit. On the other hand, it would be so much nicer to have something tasty to eat.


Autor: Thomas Galvez
Źródło: http://www.flickr.com

I am sure you know this scene. I have had such situation many times previously. And I make up my mind to do something to change it. However, there was always 1 significant issue about having “emergency” snacks – snacks pellet. I have 2 children so they always eat snacks shortly after I buy them. I was trying to hide them for a while but all parents know how ridiculous it is and that kids always manage to find snacks anyway. It doesn’t matter where you put it. As a result, when unexpected visitors come, I still had no snacks to offer to my guests.

One time my friend has visited. When we were drinking a tea, I was trying to find earlier hidden chocolate. At the beginning my sister laughed at me but later on she came up with an amazing concept I hadn’t considered earlier. She mentioned snackpellet. Why was that so great for me? Because they are semi-finished snacks. I keep them in my kitchen and I can be sure that it is still there when needed – when unexpected guests arrive. My kids don’t consume it right after I buy it, as it was with other snacks previously. Why? If they want to eat snack pellet, they have to prepare it earlier – snackpellets.

And they just don’t cook if they are not forced to. They are always willing to eat already prepared snacks, but if they must prepare them on their own – they are not so eager anymore. For me this is also superior – thanks to the fact that I should cook snack pellet before giving it to my guests, I am able to offer them not only fresh but also hot snack. Furthermore, it takes me not more than a few minutes to prepare!

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