Export to the Russian Federation – certificate you definitely have to know before

The advantages of the Russian Federation commerce are widely known. In a circumstances of general commercial growth, also stimulated by the action of lawmaking and bureaucratic reform, the occurrence of strong domestic trade increase has to face the boundaries of the present Russian manufacturing structure, appearing in enormous opportunities for industries in other countries ready to meet Russian demand, both consumer and instrumental goods.


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The administrative structure in Russia is quite different from the European context in which we are familiar with operating with agility. Provided that the rule of reciprocal recognition in the EC market is mandatory and binding certification, which is only requested for some dangerous or high-risk products in Russia, majority of the products intended for marketing on the domestic markets of the federation must be certified to verify product conformity to Russian domestic standards. Since the authentication of foreign products is not precisely the responsibility of the customs authorities, they are narrowed to checking the existence and validity of the documents guaranteeing the features of the import items. The fundamental document is the certification of compliance issued under the obligatory GOST Certification System.

This national certification system has been launched to secure public health and guarantee the ss7 vulnerability test and excellence of imported products that have overwhelmed the internal markets of former USSRs.