How to enhance the quality of patient’s everyday life and make the treatment more endurable?

Today medicine is changing all the time. Thanks to new solutions sick people can be treated more accurately and the results of therapy are often better than some time ago.

It seems that some sci-fi scenario is just being realised before our eyes.
Today drug may be easily delivered to the particular organ in the body. The diseased person does not have to ingest the tablet and expose himself to the unpleasant side effects. In what way is it being realised? For example, in case of people who suffer from coronary artery disease special tubes called stents are being put into the blood vessel. These stents are often covered with the polymer that includes particular immunosuppressive substance, being progressively eluted. The connection between the role of the pure stent and the pharmacological function of medicine is applied here. This kind of combination product must be examined rigorously before it can be commonly in use. Another compelling case is an injector that is applied with no needle. The accurate dose of drug may be injected into the body without effort. It is a great option especially for kids because they are frequently scared of vaccinations. Traditional vaccination looks for them almost like the worst nightmare. Now it can be realised in more appropriate way, without screaming.

Innovative solutions in the field of medicine create new possibilities in treatment. The road from the idea to the final product is often hard, but the smile on sick persons’ faces and their gratefulness is really worth it.