Self papering. How can we wallpaper without mistakes? Basics and more and more curious ideas

From time to time maybe you wondered how to insert the wallpaper on the fances in the room. Albeit that case looks to you to be a lot more complex than painting the walls, for sure, it should not take a way more hours and care.

Do not skip the part of getting ready the fances – of that thing depends the durability of cladding. It’s significant to first pick the paper, and then adjust them a type of adhesive. The thing under the wallpaper must be sound, clean, dry and smooth. Therefore, you need to start by brushing wall with rest of old paint or wallpaper. Depending on the place we need to pick the good theme. Let’s say that we want to do repairs in the office. Among the types mostly interesting are that of the towns. Among the European major is the Eiffel tower wallpaper. Nicest working is the paper interlining. They consist of two parts – a major fleece, the top of paper and even plastic.



Binder only grease the walls, and wallpaper after unroll from the roll immediately sticks to the substrate. In the office wallpaper is to motivate to action – Explore company Demural. After preparing the wall, we can proceed to stick wallpaper. We count the length from the top to the bottom and slash to this wallpaper. It’s important that the wallpaper was a couple centimeters longer for the ending settlement and sizing. After that we put off the angled part on a previously prepared spot and lubricant. Good use for this brush and remembering to insert the glue starting the inside and ending the outside. Particular attention should be paid to the corners of the wallpaper. Thanks to that our office wallpaper will look sensational. Papering always begin from the edge. We attach the wallpaper to stick on the fance and down whole time to consider the wallpaper was strightly aligned. Often we break stick and roller inquiry wallpaper to the wall changing from the center toward the corners of the paper.

With patience and good eye, the paper should serve and adorn your walls for years to come. Additionally there is not important or it will be Eiffel tower wallpaper or anything else – Explore the company’s offer Demural.

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