The worldwide college in Poland!

Autor: Lars Plougmann
Recently, surprisingly, there are progressively foreign individuals from each part of the planet who reside in Poland. There, they live usually in the biggest locations where here are plenty people from their countries and where live educated individuals who also speak English.

Progress in the area of marketing – how does it impact the way the management of diverse corporations looks like nowadays?

praca w agencji marketingowej
Autor: Open Knowledge Foundation Deutschland
Learning how to manage a company professionally is mostly believed to be a very difficult task. It is so, because mostly people, who have acquired professional education in this area generally find it hard when it comes to confront theory with the reality.

Interior design – how can it help us to reach our goals in terms of organizing our house in such way that we would find every minute spent there as pleasant as possible?

piękne wnętrza
Autor: Mikhail Golub
Gathering proper equipment for our house is usually known to be a quite hard task. Consequently, improvingly often people tend to be keen on the cooperation with a specialist in the area of interior design.

Business – how to set up an enterprise that would last for a satisfactory period of time on the market and be able to rivalize with others in its branch?

negocjacje biznesowe
Autor: Kat Veilux
Setting up an own enterprise has never been so simple. It is proved by different factors. First and foremost, we are likely to get to know that for example thanks to existence of different global and international organizations, there have been a variety of funding programs opened, thanks to which we might get additional funding for the project of new company.

How to study to have satisfaction, university degree and good work.

pracownicy agencji marketingowej
Autor: Open Knowledge Foundation Deutschland
After finishing school many young people start thinking what to do: go to the university or not to go. If the answer is “Yes”, then another question rise up: “What to study?” and “How to study?” Every decade has its popular or fancy university courses. Ten years ago it was Sociology, Pedagogy, Journalism and of course Management and Marketing Studies. Today more popular are Cosmetology, Tourism and Recreation or Accountancy. Many of the future students chose this kind of studies not because they were interested in it, but because lots of their mates made a analogical choice. The first year is crucial.